Every week, you can try, learn, and experience something new.

WE Club organizes 4-6 events per month covering a wide range of interesting topics, from panel discussions and speaker talks to cultural foodie dinners and unique workshops and adventures. Experience six types of WE Club events:

WE Speak

Hear from incredible speakers about issues, topics, and insights that matter to you - whether you're from East or West.

WE Dialogue

There are two sides to every story: hear about common aspirations, achievements and
experiences from outstanding people from West and East.

WE Eat

Follow our foodies to their culinary hometowns throughout Hong Kong and discover hidden exotic cuisines!

WE Fun

Learn to do something new and fun, and see how people from different cultures experience things in different ways!

WE Course

Learn new skills and upgrade your knowledge on diverse topics through our classroom series

WE Drink

Get to know key opinion leaders, influencers, and people you admire over a few tipples and genuine conversation.

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